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Monday, July 22, 2024

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(10th October 1920- 12th December 1982) was born in Ahemdabad, Gujarat.

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Carmel Berkson belongs to New York.

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Mahendra Pandya
Born in Indore district of Bharuch, Gujarat in 1926.

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Mahadeo Vishwanath Dhurandhar
Born in Mumbai (then Bombay) Dhurandhar spent his childhood in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

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Virtual Galleries
The vocabulary of art in search of abstract modernism in India .

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Music & Goddess
This exhibition presents advances in interactive art through an exploration of the science

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Jamini Roy (1887-1972)Journey to the Roots
The exhibition hignlights the elements in the art of Jamini Roy

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Print Making
Print making in India has long history.

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Amrita Sher-Gil
Amrita Sher- Gil remains one of the most progenitors of modern Indian art but even more

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Balkrishna Arts
Balkrishna Vaidya one of well known billboard painters of 20th century in India.

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Visual Archives of Kulwant Roy
Kulwant Roy was born in 1914 in Bagli Kalan, Ludhiana and educated in Lahore.

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Women Artists
The contribution of women on India's contemporary art from the early decades of 20th century is significant.

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Vir-Gal Sculptures
The western academic art traditions on Indian sculptures are predominantly traced since early 20th century saw the beginning of modernism.

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The Gurus
The teachers were immensely known for their contribution in the art education. They were not only prodigious teachers at the art schools but were profound philosophers and GURUS in many ways.

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Shiavax Chavda
Shiavax Cavda born in 1914 at Navsari, Gujarat. He studied at Sir J.J School of Art then he went to Slade School in London in 1935

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Time Present
“For Deutsche Bank, a commitment to art means participating in cultural production locally, and at the same time helping to make the world’s financial centres lively and diverse cultural centres”.

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Shankar Palshikar
Shankar Palsikar’s art reflected his collating mentors N S Bendre on techniques and bold strokes of colours. His work describes his expression and discussions with western and miniature paintings.

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Jatin Das
Jantin Das was born in 1941 in Mayurbhanj district of Orissa. He studied art at Sir J. J School of Arts, Mumbai from 1957 to 1962.

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Rethinking The Regional

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Across Oceans and Flowing Silks
from Canton to Mumbai 18th-20th centuries

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